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We finally did it, we’ve moved, woohoo!!! March 24, 2010

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And we couldn’t be happier.  Our house is a mess, but other than that, all is great.  The kids are loving their new schools which was my biggest concern.  If they’re unhappy, we’re all unhappy, haha!!

Here’s Michael the last day of his old school.  His friends went out of their way to make him feel special.  I’m miss these lil’ guys.

K-rae’s last day.

Wanna come help unpack?

These little guys live in our backyard.  I tried to feed them carrots but they won’t eat them.  Weirdo’s!

Michael first day at his new school.  Poor guy was so nervous.

He finally lost his first tooth.  Everyone of his friends have lost a tooth but him.  This has caused big drama at our house.


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