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Dolls freak me out January 13, 2010

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They always have.  Even when I was little I hated them.  I don’t get how to play with them, I don’t like their blank stare and I’m pretty sure they move when you’re not looking.  Knowing this, God gave me a daughter that loves dolls just to torture me.  Karissa left "Katie" leaning against the fireplace today to stare me down all day.  She is seriously freaking me out.  My friend just told me that her 11 year old still loves dolls so I could have seven more years of this torture.  Fun……


3 Responses to “Dolls freak me out”

  1. Saj Says:

    Oh my gosh, I am totally freaked out by dolls! That picture really creeps me out! It’s one of the many reasons I love having two boys!

  2. Vera Says:

    You would not like the army of baby dolls that lives at my house – I am constantly finding them in straaaange places!

  3. wherelifebecomesart Says:

    Me too!!! hated them as a little girl. Luckily my first daughter had no interest. My second had two little babydolls, but seems to have outgrown the notion. Thank god!

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