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Getty museum day January 10, 2010

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Since we basically spent two weeks home since Karissa could not get better, I crammed as much as I could in the last three days.   Friday we went to the Getty museum and the three of us had a blast!!

The following conversation happened before the next picture

Me – “Michael, go up there and pose like that statue

Michael – “Okay, but I’m NOT getting naked Mom!!”

Me – “Party pooper”

Michael – “whatever”

We propped up the camera and set the timer so I could be in a picture.  We end up looking like scared  people huddle by a wall.  Oh well, at least there was proof I was there.  🙂

By the outdoor garden.  If you haven’t been here, you really should go if you ever get a chance.  This place is amazing and great for kids.

The princess making her self comfortable on a French replica bed.

This is them completely unimpressed that they are standing feet away from Van Goghs Irises.  Even when I told Michael that it was worth millions of dollars that didn’t get him.  Usually dollar signs works with him.   It’s blurry because there is no light in this room.  If you use a flash, they kindly ask you to leave so I refrained.  🙂

All and all their vacation ended nicely.  We went to see the Squekquel and they loved it.  I liked it too, it was a little loud and a lot squeaky but it was funny enough.  We had lots of ice cream concoctions the last few days too to add to the vacation “feel”.


2 Responses to “Getty museum day”

  1. feather Says:

    thank you so much for stopping by simply feather! i appreciated your comments…you’re a fantastic photographer! i’m aspiring. my new, dslr camera is being shipped as we speak. man, i just can’t wait to get my hands on that thing!

    i’m quite envious of the painting. a million dollars made my ears perk up! love the shot of the kids with the statue, too. i would have gotten naked…

  2. Gina Says:

    The Getty is lovely! I grew up in OC but I have been living in Raleigh, NC for the past 5 years. We’re not exactly neighbors but a piece of my heart is always in CA! :o)

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