Life with the short people

January 5, 2010

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Karissa is going day ten being sick.  We took her to the docs today because she said her ears hurt and it turns out she has two major ear infections.  She is such a trooper that we had no idea that was in so much pain.  The girl never complains.

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken my kids portraits.  Today was NOT the day to do it.  They wanted no part of sitting and smiling for me.  This was the best I was going to get from them today.

This is from yesterdays session.  She is an opera singer that just landed her first book deal.  It’s a romantic novel and she ask me to take the picture for her book jacket.  Woohoo!  My first book!!


3 Responses to “”

  1. Christina Says:

    Thank you for your comment! I love the photo on your main page, top right! It’s beautiful. 🙂 And my girls have those same striped jammies. They are great-I wish I had a pair.
    I hope your girl is getting better each day! It stinks when the cough and nose crud linger on and on. May you have a healthy rest of the month. Year, even!

  2. Gina Says:

    LOVE that curly hair!!

  3. Julie Says:

    Hi! Thanks for your comment on the lego pics! 🙂 I love your top right photo of the kids and your head shot is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!! Your photo op with your two and their antics is perfect in my opinion. Real life right there!! 🙂 Your kids are gorgeous … between your son’s eyes and your daughter’s hair – so much fun to try to sneek in the photo opportunities right? My kids run when the camera comes out too. M&M’s make great bribing tools! 🙂

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