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Who’s the skinniest? January 1, 2010

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A conversation with my daughter today.

Karissa:  Mommy, who is the skinniest in the family?

Me:  It doesn’t matter about who is skinny, only that we are all healthy.

Karissa:  Well, I think Daddy is the skinniest.  He is the biggest, therefore he has the most skin.

Me:  Well, if you put it that way baby, you are right!!  🙂

Karissa is STILL sick from Christmas.  The fever is long gone, but the poor baby can’t get rid of her cough and runny nose. 

Life is a blur sometimes and this illustrates it perfectly.

The kids proving to Dad that their mouths are big enough for sandwich rolls instead of wheat bread.  And yes, we are still in jammies at lunch time.  We were up way past midnight, don’t judge.  🙂


4 Responses to “Who’s the skinniest?”

  1. a day still in jammies after noon… gotta have them!

    and bless her heart… YOUR heart. hope that cough shoos fast!

    just subscribed to your blog… all i know… seeing too much goodness to miss! 🙂

  2. Summer Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Love your pictures, and what a priceless story!

  3. Christina Says:

    Your quotes from your kids are sooo funny! Such great memories. 🙂

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