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Happy New Year!!!!! It ended with a black out :-) December 31, 2009

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Right as the sun set, the lights went out!! Thankfully the hubby had put the bake potatoes in the oven 45 minutes prior so they were good to go. We finished up on the BBQ with the steaks for the carnivores in the group. It actually turned out being really fun, we went on a scavenger hunt for candles. And we found a flash light for each of us.

A few things I learned about black outs:

six year olds and candles don’t go well together

one should keep matches near ones candles

slicing stuff for salads in tricky in candle light

black outs make already hyper kids even more HYPER!!!

large gin and tonics help with that one

holding a flash light under your chin in the kitchen window scares the hell out of the neighbor kids


One Response to “Happy New Year!!!!! It ended with a black out :-)”

  1. Vera Says:

    That actually looks like a perfectly lovely New Years Eve!

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