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Pizza party with the Bon Bon’s October 23, 2009

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I have a group of girlfriends that have been dubbed the Bon Bon club by our husbands.  We have never had Bon Bon’s together, we need to change that though.  Who doesn’t love bon bons?  There are five of us.  We’ve been friends since our oldest babies were, well babies.  Now we have ten kids in all.  The funny thing is, we rarely get together with the kids.  We usually get together after bedtime and it’s usually at my house since my kids sleep through anything.  Yes, we’re loud.  🙂

We decided that tonight would be a perfect night for a pizza party since a couple of the kids take a music class together on Thursday now.  It was a blast.  A messy, milk spilling, cheesy, saucy blast.  I made caramel brownies with extra caramel.  (a must)  I’m going to miss these girls so much when we move.  Yes, I’ll still see them, but it will be less often.  And it won’t be the same not living in the same neighborhood.  I love these women, we’ve been there for eachother for six years.

3692475899_d30d12217e_bThis is us celebrating the 4th.  The couple of the top right, second and third person in are my husbands best friend and his girlfriend.


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