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A day of peace……hopefully. October 21, 2009

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Michael woke up with a fever yesterday so I of course kept him home.  He was in heaven.  I let him watch “kid” movies all day AND he got to drink Gatorade all day.  Normally they just get water or milk so Gatorade is a big treat for him.  The four of us were in the day lounging watching a “kid” movie when my girlfriend called an offered us three free tickets to the Yankee/Angel playoff game.  My hubby is a life long Yankee fan.  He was beyond thrilled.  He called up his best friend immediately, told him to leave work, loaded my daughter up in the van and off the went.  They had an amazing time.  Karissa talked about it all morning.  She must have told my five times that she got to sit in the middle of daddy and Uncle Rich.  So sweet.

This morning the boy woke up apparently all better so I sent them both off to school today.  I told him if he felt the slightest bit tired to not hesitate to call me.  Well see how he does.

So now I’m sitting in my quite house enjoying the quite while it last.

My cousin sent me this picture.  It’s of my “east coast” family.  I’m the blonde girl in the lower right.  My father is standing on the far left and my mother is in the middle second row.  The was taken in Boston in 1969.  A LONG time ago!!  I love this picture, I wish I could have spent more time with my east coast cousins growing up.  But we just didn’t have the money to travel then.

jones family 2


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